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Stay well this winter

The Castle Surgery is supporting Essex County Council’s ‘Stay well this winter’ campaign that launches today.

During the winter months lots of people suffer because of the cold. No one in Essex needs to suffer- is the message being sent to residents today as the local and national campaigns are launched.


Winter conditions can be bad for our health, particularly for those most vulnerable.

The campaign will highlight how people can keep well and warm, make their homes winter ready and signpost to local support services.

More information can be found here-

Key messages

So what can you do to stay well this winter?

  1. Get your flu vaccination- if you are in a priority group it’s free
  2. At the first sign of a cough or cold, get immediate advice from a pharmacist before it gets worse.
  3. Think about any medicines that you or your family may need during the winter months and make sure you have enough. Remember that some pharmacies and surgeries close over the holidays so make sure you pick up your prescriptions in advance.
  4. Keep you, and your home warm. your home should be heated to at least 18°C. If you are worried about your fuel bill you could save money with the Essex Energy Switch For tips on how to keep warm-
  5. Food is a vital source of energy and keeps your body warm. Have hot meals and drinks regularly & stock up. Here’s how to eat well this winter
  6. Keeping active can keep you warm in winter- have a look at our sport & exercise page for tips-
  7. For local support in your area this winter-