Castle Hedingham
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Sible Hedingham
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Patient notice

Please be advised that due to Covid 19 Isolations we are currently short-staffed, unfortunately this means that we are unable to take prescription requests over the phone at Castle.  As soon as our staff numbers are back up to normal we will resume this service.  In the meantime please put your requests through the letterbox with your name and D.O.B. alternatively you can continue to order your repeats online.

It can be extremely dark in the square at Castle so please bring a torch with you.  We have been informed that as the building is listed new lights would not be in keeping with the square.  We are also very conscious that our neighbours have had the disruption of queueing and having extra lights shining in their windows may not prove popular.

We would love to bring our queues back inside and are working towards this.

We are looking at a new phone system which will allow more lines coming in and therefore being answered, we also made flu clinics available to book online and asked patients who have home monitors to send their blood pressure readings into [email protected] in the hope that this will also ease pressure on the lines.

Please CLICK HERE to download the NHS App (This will also help to ease pressure on the phone lines, If you are having difficulty please contact [email protected] and we will endeavour to help you).

We would like to thank you all for your continued support and bearing with us during these unprecedented times.

Keep safe.