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There is exciting news about the proposed new building for Hedingham Medical Centre.

We are now in negotiations for a new site, with NHS England and Braintree District Council. The new surgery building is likely to be on the old Premdor site next to the Business Hub, which has already been built.

Further details will be posted when available.

In the meantime, let us know what you think about transport, car parking and how you will get there by taking this quick 4 question survey. Click HERE  to fill it in. We’d love to hear from you.

UPDATE – 21 August 2019

Thank you to the people who have responded. Your feedback is useful. Here are responses to some of the comments:

“We travel in a wheelchair adapted vehicle . Level parking is necessary to allow the ramp to unfold, and sufficient room behind to allow wheelchair entry and exit”. – The draft plans have two access spaces near the door with space around them and a level surface. It will make things much easier for you.

“Car parking will have to be at least 35 plus the existing for the offices. Proposed entry through the Business Hub is not sensible. Use existing double gates. Nighttime barrier would be required” – The offices have their own spaces and our car parking is around 35 spaces on draft plans. The nighttime barrier has become an issue since the Business Hub opened and so we will take note of this. The surgery access will not be through the Business Hub.

“Hopefully this will mean not so long to wait for phone calls to be answered and more appointments will be available and easier to book” – This is what we are aiming to do by bringing both surgeries together on one site. We should be able to work more efficiently.